Fantasy or reality – strategy games will test your skills

Strategy games are a varied bunch, from successfully building your own empire and conquering the world to successfully starting up your own transport conglomerate and buying out megalomaniac opponents, but each requires its own kind of tactical thought. Strategy games are now some of the most popular online games with many having all the elements of multiplayer games so that you are not always stuck easily outwitting the computer, whatever kind of game situation you find yourself in.


Online strategy games, whether multiplayer games or not (some parts of MMORPGs can be seen partly as strategy games or having strategical elements), can be set in various worlds and scenarios. Some of the best strategy games can be played in fantasy or realistic worlds. Strategy games in space or involving magic, dragons and the like are seen as fantasy games and their multiplayer online elements support this keeping the strategical gameplay fun but challenging. Worldwide online games portals, like Bigpoint, offer loads of great fantasy-based strategy games.


Online strategy games based in real-world scenarios are often about careful management and planning as opposed to military and battle tactics. Sometimes these strategy games can be classed as simulations, for instance trying to manage your own city, theme park, farm, airport or other commercial enterprise can be something of real-life lesson in economics, but usually these strategy games are more light-hearted in their approach often combining this with the more entertaining elements of the real-life scenario that they are trying to manage.   


Whether or not strategy games are set in real or fictional worlds, they will still test your strategical skills, just the same way that action games test your reactions. Just because many strategy games now come on the form of free online browser games does not mean that they have been dumbed down in any way or poorly developed because they are free, quite the opposite in fact. Many free online strategy games will provide you with the some of the most challenging gameplay available from any browser games, including MMORPG games, and will definitely test your skills to the limit as you seek to outwit your opponents, whether computerised or real, in whatever world you may find yourself. Online strategy games have never been so rewarding!