Childrens' Cookery Books

My Learn to Cook Book – Ursula Sedgewick

This is an old classic of a cookery book and was published in 1967, primarily aimed at children. It has not lost its appeal, even if the dust-cover might have been re-designed, as it possesses a timeless quality that its clearly explained instructions and common sense cookery methods embody. Whether you remember this book fondly as a child or if you are just a child yourself, this cook book will certainly re-kindle an old passion for messing about in the kitchen or start to inspire a young mind with the joys of cooking.

One of the most endearing aspects of this learn to cook book is that it not only focusses on producing decent food, it makes sure that everything to do with cooking becomes fun! Cooking is not just something that is a basic human need and life skill, it is also a great way to relax and have fun whether you are 6 or 60! The recipes are perfect for teaching kids the basics and essentials of cooking, like how to cook boiled, fried or scrambled eggs, which many a student could most certainly learn from. The odd recipe, like ox-eye eggs, also gives young and old readers a look back into the eating habits of the past, if not always with a warm nostalgic glow.

One of the main features of this cook book, which makes it particularly child-friendly, are the wonderful illustrations and the frequent appearance of a dog and cat who help guide you through each recipe, sometimes bringing it upon themselves to carefully deliver the colourful pictures of the ingredients list across the page for you too. Having an ingredients list full of names and pictures is a great idea and one that should be used in mainstream adult cookery books more often, especially when dealing with unusual ingredients or cooking a cuisine which is not common in the UK, such photographic help would be invaluable.

Overall then, My Learn to Cook Book is not just a blast from the past to get all nostalgic over, it is still genuinely a fantastic book for teaching the young ones, and maybe not so young ones, the basics of cookery and includes lots of simple recipes which work to produce nice dishes. Strongly recommended.