Good Business Book Reviews help sales

It’s usual for potential customers to have a look at reviews of products, holiday cottages, hotels, restaurants and so on before committing themselves to spending money.  This is especially true for holidays, where the sums of money spent can be in the thousands of pounds.

Business books don’t fall into quite that category of expenditure, but, nevertheless, it’s important to buy one that is suitable for your needs.  If you’re interested in finding out more about setting up in business, for instance, you don’t need to read the kind of text books aimed at barristers.

When I recently bought a new laptop computer, complete with Windows 8 (my previous experience being with Windows XP), it was obvious within the first fifteen minutes of use that I was going to need some help with this, or the laptop would end up being thrown through the window!  My first port of call, as always, was to have a look online at reviews for guides to Windows 8.  There were several available, as this was a few months after the launch of the new platform.  Some looked a bit too technical (I’m not the most expert with computers) and in the end I settled on “Windows 8 Plain and Simple” by Nancy Muir.

I heaved a sigh of relief when the book arrived.  The author appreciated that readers like myself really needed the basics spelling out.  The threat of a window being broken as the laptop passed through receded!  The Contents list was clearly laid out, with logical subjects grouped together into chapter headings.  Whilst some of the topics aren’t relevant for what I need, others were invaluable, such as the chapters on “Keyboard Shortcuts” and “Using Mail and Messaging”. 

This is just one example of how reviews of business books help sales.  Obviously, it’s sometimes necessary to take into account the background of the reviewer, as they can be ecstatic in their praise, or totally disparaging , depending partly on their own level of expertise and, possibly, what side of the bed they got out of on the day they wrote the review!