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The invention of the Kindle and eBooks opens up a whole new world of publishing that is a revolution as profound as the printing press.

It used to be that self-publication meant paying out a few hundred pounds to get a few hundred books printed that would then arrive neatly packaged for you to sell.  The challenge with the traditional route to self-publishing meant that it was then up to the individual to market the book, find shops that would be happy to sell it, deliver it, etc.  While there are some famous authors who initially went the self-publication route, it made the process significantly harder.

Learn to cook bookCat bookNow that it is possible to publish eBooks, then authors can publish books such as this beautiful illustrated ebook about cats and sell them directly on Amazon or other outlets without needing to pay the cost of printing and distribution.

The Book Store WV reviews some of our favourite books and is a rather eclectic mix reflecting our personal interests, which include cookery, French novels and Fantasy.  Some of these are mainstream publications and some are self-published or lesser known books that we happen to love.

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